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Before we go on to offering you three diet foods to aid weight-loss, below are a few insights that will assist you keep off the body weight likewise. Some people who end up emotionally disturbed often choose food for comfort. When you can find stressful events at home and at the job, they might unconsciously make use of food?often high calorie foods and sweets that possibly be deposited as extra fat.

I strived desperately throughout the years to get back to this weight. But with a stressful and busy work life, I struggled to take action. Nothing did actually work with me. I tried sets from slimming capsules to machines I saw advertised on TV. I even tried crazy diets such as the acai berries diet, as well as the green tea herb diet. They didn’t do anything whatsoever for me personally. I was still overweight and considered myself ‘fat’.

A detox diet cleanses by removing poisons and toxins from your body. This diet involves eating of pure and natural foods that aid the functioning on the kidneys, lymph, and liver. Specific diets vary, most are preceded by fasting for a lot of stretch of time and you must consume a strict diet of fruit and fruit drinks, raw vegetables and water. Some with the detox diets also advocate the utilization of herbs and specific supplements plus colon cleaning to empty ones intestines.

This iPhone diet software was manufactured to assist you attain what you eat and weight reduction goals. It permits you to track your everyday calories and rehearse and also utilize food log to record your calorie and nutrition intake. The app’s calorie counter helps you to add foods, food lists and make new foods from ingredients or recipes from the app’s food database. It also enables you to add multiple helping sizes for your own personal foods. Other features with this iPhone diet app include 31 nutrients, USDA based food database, 200+ exercise databases, smart search, weight and the entire body measurement tracking, and much more. (Price: $3.99) (Download link)

One of the first things we should consider is always that, in the event you and your loved ones desire to eat at restaurants, you may be thinking until this lifestyle just isn’t beneficial to healthful eating. In many cases, you will be correct. It can quickly assist you to put on weight when you do not make right choices. However, you are able to still enjoy restaurants occasionally and keep your good diet and then lose fat. . It?s about building a good food choice, which commences with understading about the nutrition you, should stay happy, physically healthy, mentally stable, and active. And by getting the family actively a part of your alternatives additionally, it can take high of that pressure away.

Spanish 21 questions quiz

Choose the logical answer for the question.
1. ¿Con quién estás almorzando?

A. Estoy comiendo el pan.

B. Estoy almorzando en un restaurante.

C. Estoy almorzando con mi esposo.

D. Estoy comiendo un sandwich con huevos.

2. ¿Qué hace la niña?

A. Ella prueba la flor.

B. Ella huele la flor.

C. Ella juega el pan.

D. Ella está rica.

3. Choose the word that does not belong.

A. el árbol

B. el dedo

C. el pie

D. la mano


A. la ciudad


B. el país


C. el parque

D. el otoño



A. el invierno


B. el viernes


C. el verano

D. la primavera



A. ella habla español


B. ella escribe inglés


C. ella lee chino


D. ella es de japón

Choose the correct verb. Ella_________?rabe.


A. estudio

B. estudias

C. estudian

D. estudia

8. Ustedes_________inglés.

A. enseño

B. enseñamos

C. enseñan

D. enseñen

Choose the correct translation. The girl wakes up.


A. La niña se despierta.

B. La niña despierta.

C. La niña su despertando.

D. La niña me despierto.

Choose the correct answer to the question.

10. ¿Por qué estás lavando al perro?

A. Porque el perro está mojado.

B. Porque el perro está limpio.

C. Porque el perro está seco.

D. Porque el perro está sucio.

Choose the logical answer.

16. ¿Cuántos invitados hay?

A. hay veinticinco personas

B. tengo tres animales

C. somos cincuenta niños

D. están diez abuelos

Choose the word that categorizes the following…

17. las mujeres, los maestros, el policía…

A. son animales

B. son hijas

C. son personas

D. son estudiantes

Choose the correct translation.

18. Ella les está enseñando inglés.

A. They are learning English.

B. She is teaching him English.

C. He is teaching them English.

D. She is teaching them English.

19. Las personas de Colombia…

A. leen inglés

B. enseñan chino

C. hablan español

D. escriben árabe

Choose the logical answer.

20. ¿Cenamos afuera?

A. Sí, hace frío.

B. Sí, es el verano.

C. Sí, es el invierno.

D. Sí, huele bien.

21. ¿Por qué está usted en la cama?

A. Porque estoy cansado.

B. Porque tengo sed.

C. Porque no estoy enfermo.

D. Porque estoy trabajando.

SPA103 Week 2 discussion 1 replies (please place number and name next to the reply)



Week 2 discussion 1

Respond to Peers: Review your classmates’ posts, and respond to at least two of your peers. For one of your responses, choose someone who posted on a topic different from what you selected. Share alternate views, provide personal experiences as they relate to the topic, expand upon ideas, or provide questions to encourage further elaboration of the topic. Each response should be a minimum of 75 words.

#1 Matthew Steinberger

Feb 9, 2018Feb 9 at 2:17pm

Manage Discussion Entry

Topic #1: Los Deportes y Pasatiempos en el Mundo Hispano

               According to the reading, the most important and popular sport in the Spanish-speaking world is soccer, or el fútbol, which makes sense considering soccer is the most popular sport in the entire world. One of the only countries (los países) with a most popular and important sport other than soccer is the United States (los Estados Unidos). In the United States, baseball (el béisbol) has traditionally been considered the most important and popular sport, since it is considered “America’s pastime”. However, over the past few decades, football has taken over as America’s most popular sport. Since the United States is such a large country, some regions of the United States think different sports are more important than football. For example, in North Dakota, Hockey is considered a more popular sport, but overall football is America’s most popular and important sport.

               In my life, leisure activities have a huge role. Being associated with the military, it is very important to stay physically active and in shape. All year round I will play basketball three or four times a week. During fall I play American football and during spring and summer I will play baseball or softball. Leisure activities are extremely important to me because they give me a sense of accomplishment, while also keeping me in shape.

               As we know, sports and leisure time activities have a huge influence on culture. Leisure time activities can tell someone a lot about a particular culture’s values. For example, if one culture participates in a lot of physical leisure activities, that culture values their physical wellness. If one culture participates in watching a lot of physical activity events, that culture values large social bonding. Leisure activities tell a lot about a particular culture’s values.

               As we know, leisure time looks different all around the world because of many different variables. Perhaps the largest dependent variable on leisure time is technology. For example, countries and cultures with advancements in technology seem to have an increase in television, phone, and video game use during their free time. Some places in the world use their free time for religious practices, while other places have almost no free time because they are using all their time to fish, gather, or hunt just to survive. Leisure time looks different all over the world.

               What one chooses to do in their free time definitely defines who that person is because it makes that individual unique from their classmates, co-workers, or other individuals with similar day-to-day schedules. For example, you can probably think about one of your classmates or co-workers as the “gym-nut” because he or she is always in the gym on their free time. Then, there is the video gamer because that person really enjoys their video games on their free time. Also there is always someone considered the social butterfly because they are always out on a Friday or Saturday night. As you can see, we have been defined and also define others by their free time because it sets us apart from everybody else.

#2 Leah Long

MondayFeb 12 at 5:31pm

Manage Discussion Entry

Topic #2: Las Universidades en el Mundo Hispano

· In my opinion, a “good” education is inspiring and motivating to students, while incorporating an authentic curriculum. A good education should utilize performance-based assessment while advancing in professional development. Unfortunately, education is not equally accessibly around the world for a variety of reasons. Some areas around the globe do not have a sufficient amount of teaching, appropriate tools or even classrooms. Many areas simply do not have adequate funding for education.

· Admissions exams in many Spanish speaking countries have similarities to the admission requirements of those in the United States, however exams in Spanish speaking countries may also require students to be tested on history, international politics, and literature. Similarly to many schools in the United States, admission to universities in some Spanish speaking countries depend on grades from exams.

· Many colleges and universities require students to take general education courses prior to entering specific programs of study so that they can gain essential skills that they will use in their upper level classes. Students will take away many skills from their general education classes in addition to the core content addressed. For example, students will gain critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills. General education classes also allow for students to explore different areas and discover new passions that may direct their career path.

· The grading system described in some of the Spanish speaking countries utilized a system from zero to ten. This is very different from the grading system I have experienced in the United States, which is based on the letter grade from A-F, as well as a percentage from 100%-0%. It would be interesting to see how the zero to ten system works, but I think I still prefer the system I have experienced because of how detailed and in-depth it is.

· Schools can encourage creativity and innovation through collaborative projects and active learning. Schools can provide students with appropriate teaching tools and an environment that allows for students to have creative input into their work.  Schools can motivate students to critically think instead of only providing A, B, and C questions and answers.

need help asap

  1. Qué oyen los estudiantes de la residencia todas las mañanas?
  2. ¿Cuánto tiempo tienen los estudiantes para desayunar?
  3. ¿Qué les gusta a algunos de los estudiantes?
  4. ¿Qué les molesta a algunos de los estudiantes?
  5. ¿Qué prefiere hacer Javier?



Match the pictures and descriptions.
  1.      Leticia se cepilla los dientes.
  2.      Luis se afeita todas las mañanas.
  3.      Mario se lava la cara.
  4.      Ella se maquilla.
  5.      Olivia se ducha.



Fill in the blanks with the appropriate reflexive verb forms.
  1. irse (tú)    estudia mucho para los exámenes.
  2. José y Leticia    compran este champú.
  3. Yo    tengo un pantalón azul.
  4. No sé si    vio ese avión.
  5.    Julia van a ir a la fiesta (party).



¿Ir o ser?
Fill in the blanks with the preterite form of ser or ir. Then indicate whether the infinitive is ser or ir. Follow the model.



Ricardo y yo fuimos (ir) al museo por la mañana.
  1. Alexa y tú 
  • ¿Por qué Manuel conoce Iquitos?
  • ¿Qué tiene la habitación de los señores Forero?
  • ¿Dónde pueden comer?
  • ¿Qué va a hacer Diego Gutiérrez?
  • ¿Dónde van a cenar?