3D Scanning assignment

Students earn up to two (2) extra points toward their total grade of this class by submitting their own 3D scanning project by 11:59 pm, May 1, 2017 (no late work accepted). The scanned object could be an artwork (even a building, or part of it) of any form, material, period, size, and origin.

To earn the 2-point extra credit, the student has to

1)     Take photographs of the object of your choice.


Ideally, you should take pictures from as many different angles as possible to capture the images of all surfaces of the object. The images should overlap a lot, and each should include the entire object (i.e. no zoom-ins). Also pay attention to:


a)    Lighting. Never use flash. Avoid direct sunlight, but shoot where there is constant ambient light to illuminate all parts of the object.

b)    The number of pictures you take. The more images, the more detailed the model; but a larger image group also means more time for the computer to process it.

Here is a helpful article detailing all the steps from taking photos to publishing the model: How I create my 3D scans with Autodesk Recap360

2)    Generate the digital model.


I use Autodesk ReMake for this purpose (Recap360 is another choice). You can download and install it for free if you register using your @pitt.edu account. After installation is complete, you simply upload the image group to the server and it will generate the model for you.


In most cases, the model will need some cropping and other modifications. You could learn the basics of how that can be done by watching the tutorials on the official website.


3)    Publish your model on Sketchfab (or any 3D viewing platform of your choice).


Export your model as an .obj file and upload the zipped file (including the .obj, .mtl, and .jpg files) onto Sketchfab (a Pro account is free if you register using your @pitt.edu account). While you upload, make sure you provide a title and a brief description of the object; you could also make the model “downloadable” so that viewers would be able to download and print it.


You need to adjust the 3D settings before final publishing. Several things to be adjusted include background color/image, lighting, and orientation. Provide at least three annotations in order to earn the extra credit.


4)    Email me the Sketchfab link to your model (a link will be generated automatically if you click on “share”).

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