You are invited to reflect on the nature of art and its fundamental principles. Here is a chance for you to think and write as an expert on art theory. Two types of art are offered for a debate: Representation versus Abstraction; and the idea of context is presented (the time and place in which the artwork was created).  

1. Watch two video-talks:

2. In the Discussion Forum Unit 1, write a three (3) paragraph minimum essay identifying which type of art (representational or abstract) is more appealing to you and why.  In your opinion, what major quality constitutes Art?  How important is context in appreciating and understanding an artwork?

Listen attentively to the experts in the videos and learn from their informed discussion on how to analyze and critique a work of art. Build your text on the points they bring up in their talk and share your own take on the subject. Feel free to agree or disagree with them and your classmates but base your case on valid points and arguments.

3. Then choose two art works from Click on the left menu bar.

4. Find an example of representational art and one abstract work

5. List the a) name, b) artist, c) date and d) medium of the works.  Please also copy and paste links to the art work (see tutorial on how to copy link). 

6. Use these two works as examples in your essay to support your opinions and ideas about representation, abstraction and context in art.  

7. Reply to at least two of your classmates.  Your initial posting should be a minimum three (3) paragraphs in length, while your responses should be at least one (1) paragraph.  


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