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Please review the following scenario, and then complete the tasks that follow.

After performing a survey of health needs in your community, you have decided to open a high quality, yet affordable home health care business, Home Helpers. Your business is to assist clients in performing tasks such as; cleaning, cooking, shopping, and medicine management. 

As this is a new business, and the marketing budget is limited, you decide to develop a newspaper ad and a flyer to advertise.


·        Create a new folder named Home Helpers on your computer.

·        In the Home Helpers folder, create two subfolders named Advertisingand Flyers.

·        Open a text editing application, such as WordPad or NotePad to create a short ad for your local newspaper that describes your business:

      Use the name of the business as the title for your document.

      Write a short paragraph about the business. Include a location, street address, and phone number.

§  Please use fictitious information

      After the paragraph, type your name.

      Save the document with the filename Newspaper Adin the Advertising folder, then close the document and close the text editing application.

·        Open a Windows Explorer window, and navigate to the Advertising folder.

·        View the contents in at least three different views, and then choose the view option that you prefer.

·        Copy the Newspaper Ad.rtf file, then paste a copy in the Flyers folder.

      RTF is the file extension which identifies Rich Tech Format type of files.  

      RTF is the default file extension for files created in text editing applications.

      If you use Word to create the file, change the file type from .doc or .docx to rtf by clicking the arrow by the “Save as Type” field.

·        Rename the copy Newspaper Ad-Backup.rtf, then close the folder.


1.   Create a zip file of the Home Helpers folder.

2.   Rename the zip file to:  HS115- ##-Student Last Name-Working with Zip Files



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