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The first 2 replies need 75 words repsonses to my classmate. The last 2 reponses need 50 word replies. Needs to be completed TODAY!!


Question 2


Please find a current (within the past year) news article from a reputable news source (MSN, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, etc) that discusses a research study in health services.  For your original post, please provide a 150+ word summary of your article that describes the study and the research findings. Be sure to incorporate course concepts into your discussion post so that you can receive full credit!

Note:  You cannot present an article that has already been presented by a classmate.

Your original post should provide:

   A 150+ word summary of your article, including the study design and research findings

   An explanation of how your article ties into what we have learned in class

An explanation of why you feel that this article is interesting or important





The article I decided to choose is titled “A Call for Action on Toxic Chemicals”.  The article discusses how the household items that we are exposed to everyday may have dangerous toxins that may have an ill effect on a child’s developing brain.  Some of the best scientists, health advocates and doctors are fighting to regulate law that further investigates chemicals that makes plastic more durable, the upholstery on furniture less flammable, and the ones used in pesticides to assure their safety in American households.  Rabin (2016) states, “The goal is to protect expectant mothers, infants and children from neurotoxic chemicals by stepping up efforts to curb air pollution, remediate old lead pipes, phase out certain pesticides, ban endocrine-disrupting chemicals used in food packaging and plastics and come up with a plan for getting rid of furniture laden with fire retardants”.  The concern for scientists are the reluctance tied with studying the ill effects of the chemical agents used in various household agents and the damage they may cause in a developing child’s brain.  These chemical agents need to be further researched before being sold to the community according to researchers.  Rabin (2016) interestingly poses this question, “Before we proscribe medicine, we have to prove it’s safe,” she said.  “So how come with the chemical industry, we assume everything is safe and have to prove there’s harm?”  I agree with scientists and researchers on this issue because the public needs to be made aware of the potential dangers these chemicals can have on our children.   



The article which I found is titled “Teens with medical marijuana cards much likelier to say they are addicted, but few teens have them” by Laura Bailey which I located on ProQuest from Berkeley Library.

The article discusses a study “on a nationally representative sample of 4,394 high school seniors and their legal or illegal medical marijuana use as it relates to other drug use. In the study, 48 teens had medical marijuana cards, but 266 teens used medical marijuana without a card” (Bailey, 2015). This article represents a study which is pertinent to medical research because with medical marijuana being legal in some states there is a possibility that more teens are using the marijuana than before.

This study also demonstrates the likelihood of teens engaging in other risky behaviors when engaging with marijuana. “Teens who used other’s medical marijuana were at highest risk for engaging in all five risky behaviors, including using marijuana more frequently to get high and using alcohol and prescription pills. However, they were just 4 times as likely to say they’re hooked on marijuana, as opposed to 10 times as likely for medical marijuana users” (Bailey, 2015)

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