Unit 7: Unit 7: Qualitative Analysis and The Research Critique Process – Discussion

Topic 1: Identifying Themes and Patterns

Qualitative data analysis can be quite complex and time-consuming. Whether the research design is descriptive or uses a specific qualitative methodology such as phenomenology, the researcher will need to consider all the data that is generated from data gathering. Most qualitative data are gathered from interviews, and the results are examined for themes and patterns.


  1. Please describe and discuss how themes and patterns emerge from the analysis of data.
  2. Identify and briefly describe the specific themes of the approved qualitative study you will be critiquing.
  3. End your discussion with a reflection of the significance of subjective findings to informing a patient-centered, holistic view of the patient.

Please attach the study for others to view

Provide at least three citations with full references to credible nursing scholarly articles supporting your definitions and discussion.

Responses must be specific to each point in the discussion. i.e., number the response addressing point #1, point #2, and point #3. 

Do not use quotes of any kind, but do provide citations to support statements and claims made.


PLEASE provide at least 300 words and 4 references within the last 5 years no copying ……….. 

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