two discussion questions two hundred words per discussion question

DQ # 1 (200 words)

Using the attached resource, You as a Culturally Diverse Entity, analyze all the different sources of cultural programming you have received.  These sources can include ascriptive characteristics such as your gender or your race, but they can also include the neighborhood you grew up in or adult occupations such as the military that have their own cultures that have shaped the individual you are today.  Reflecting on your responses to You as a Culturally Diverse Entity:

 Do you think any one cultural input has shaped your identity more than others?  Do some of your different cultural inputs have conflicting values or norms?  If so, how do you resolve these conflicts?  Do any of your cultural inputs conflict with the norms and mores of your workplace or the dominant American work culture in general?  What does the myriad of different ways a single individual can be ‘diverse’ tell you about diversity in general?


DQ # 2 (200 words)

Use the attached Ethnocentrism Matrix to guide this class discussion.  The Matrix lists five (5) presumed American cultural norms, five (5) presumed cultural norms of other cultures.  Complete the Ethnocentrism Matrix by citing advantages and disadvantages of each norm and then indicate if you feel the norms are true are not.  Then, based on your completed Ethnocentrism Matrix:


 Select on one cultural norm you felt was true and one cultural norm you felt was untrue.  Why do think your chosen cultural norm is true?  Why do you think your other chosen cultural norm is untrue?  What are the advantages of the cultural norm you felt was true?  What are the workplace consequences of believing cultural norms or stereotypes about entire groups of people?

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