Answer each in at least 75 words.

1. Watch the video below to learn more about the Strengths-based Perspective in the Social Work Field.

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2. The Is and Is Not of the Strength-Based Approach


Is and Is Not of the Strength-Based Approach!

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3. Attached, you will find a copy of one of many strength-based self-assessment worksheets. Review the worksheet and conduct your own strength-based self assessment. When your done, summarize/post your results and share if you agree/disagree with the results and why, why not? CATs are optional and you will earn participation points if you choose to complete this CAT. 


Attached FilesMy Strengths Worksheet.pdf

4. It is important to know the strengths perspective when assisting a clientconsumer because strengths perspective have helped clients in “areas such as developmental resilience, healing, and wellness” (Saleebey, 1996, para, 1). This has given clients “psychosocial approaches based on individual, family, and community pathology, deficits, problems, abnormality, victimization, and disorder” (Saleebey, 1996, para, 2). The strength perspective is an attempt to correct in some cases, what is wrong, what is missing, and what is abnormal in a person’s life. Some of Marta’s strengths are the love for her children, her forgiveness, and her wanting to work things out with her husband. I would support her strengths by using them to provide her a source for the revival and renewal of energies and possibilities” (Saleebey, 1996, para, 15).

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