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Health care System Evaluation in Canada 


How is technology, distributed? Is the emphasis of the system on preventive care or acute care?



Canadians have become very concerned on the future status of health care systems in the country and is seen as a top priory among the issues which government should prioritize on ( Canadian Standards Association, 1995). They have called upon the government to fund technology in health care so as to have a sustainable health care system in the future. Provinces and territories in Canada have identified the various areas which need advancement in technology. Such technologies which the government is putting effort to work on them are; major joint surgery, neonatal and fetal technologies, dialysis, organ transplantation, genetic testing and therapy, pharmaceutical segment and other various areas which need advancement in technology.


All provinces hand territories have came up with home care a program which is highly centered on regional service delivery requirements. This is part of new technology which the federal government and the provinces together with territories have worked on so as to improve the health care system in Canada (Michael J Kirby; Marjory LeBreton; Canada. Parliament. Senate. Standing Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology., 2001). This program allows good distribution of health services in Canada. In addition, all provinces and territories have worked hard to improve pharmaceutical sector in the country. This is a key component to Canada’s health care sector. Pharmcare programs have been introduced to all provinces and territories so as to ensure affordable significant pharmaceuticals to clients and patients in the country. This technology also involved drug program information systems and safer dispensing of pharmaceuticals. Drug classes that are integral part in Canada’s spending in pharmaceutical spending have also changed, hence showing changes in drug development. In Canada, diseases such as cancer account for almost 30% of drugs which are being tested from the advancing technology in Canada. Also, cholesterol-lowering drugs usage between 1998 and 2007 had increase from $500 million to 1.9 billion with average annual growth rate of 14.8% (Haerens, 2011). This forced Canada to use the advanced technology to provide preventive care to cut down the high rises of cost from some diseases. In addition, Extra Mural Program which is a home care program was introduced to fight and promote preventive care. Also, prevention and research initiatives towards diseases such as diabetes were introduced. Other diseases which the health care system in Canada is working to prevent through improvise technology include; HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, Traumatic brain injury and Tuberculosis.






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