Final Paper


Instructions for the written essay:   You will type an essay using the following instructions.  After you have completed the essay save it in Word and upload to Blackboard.

Ø  Typed, double-spaced

Ø  1-inch margins

Ø 1-2 pages (at least 2 full pages)

Ø  No coversheet

Ø  12 point font size

Ø  Font-Times New Roman, Cambria or Calibri

Ø  Indent each paragraph

  • Site at least three (3) sources.

The essay must cover the following areas:

President Obama set a goal at the inception of his presidency requiring that medical offices develop plans to implement digital medical records across the country. Your assignment is to write a paper on digital health records and how they function. Some things to think about for your paper:

      ·       What is an electronic medical record / electronic health record?

·         How does it help hospitals and physician offices?

·         How does it help the patient?

·         How does it function?

·         What are the technicalities of implementing this type of system?

·         What are the advantages? Disadvantages?

·         Research current news and find out more about the country’s current plan for implementation. 

This is a great opportunity for you to learn about a system that is either already implemented or will be implemented in an office where you might work one day. You could be a driving force behind the implementation of a system in your future medical position or at the least, you could offer information to a planning team. Consider this a real life assignment, not just another paper

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