Case study 1

Prepare a response to each question posed.  Make sure to set forth your answer in complete sentences.  Spelling and grammar will be checked in grading your case study. Remember a well thought out response receives a better grade than a correct conclusion with no reasoning provided.  The only resource you should use (and I expect to be used) for this essay response is the textbook.

Write answers to the following questions from the information set forth in the textbook.  You must include three specific points from the textbook reading in your response including the chapter, page number and paragraph number at which you found the information.  For example if you found the information in Chapter One, page one and paragraph one of the textbook, you should use the following reference in your response (Chapter 1, p. 1, para. 1).  Each reference must be from the textbook—internet sources or other references from other sources will not suffice.  If you have an older version of the textbook, please note that in your response.

Core Assignment:  The purpose of this assignment is to examine the ethical values and apply ethical models to make an informed decision.

Using the ethical values discussed in this course, apply an ethical framework and prepare a formal written response to the following case study.  A common and consistent rubric ( will be used to assess your final submission.

Question for Case Study:

Alan Gellen is the facilities manager for the city of Milwaukee and makes all final decisions on purchasing items such as chairs, lights and other supplies and materials.  Alan also makes the final decisions for the award of contract to food vendors at events sites.  Grand Beef Franks has submitted a bid to be one of the city’s vendors.  Alan went to school with Grand Beef’s owner, Steve Grand, who phones Alan and explains that Grand Beef owns a condominium in Maui that Alan could use.  Steve’s offer to Alan is:  “All it would cost you for a vacation is your airfare.  The condo is fully stocked with food.  Just let me know.”

Should Alan take the offer?  Would you?  Be sure to determine which category of ethical values (include at least two ethical dilemmas) this situation involves and to apply two ethical models as you resolve the question of whether Alan should accept the invitation.

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