Disaster Response

Find an article on disaster response. It could be based on recent events like Sandy or responses to other disaster events in the past. Please note use only the following major newspapers- from the U.S., for instance, use only the NY Times, LA Times, Chicago Herald, Wall St. Journal, or the Washington Post to acquire an article) (from the U.K., the Guardian or The Economist is a good source).  Do NOT use Wikipedia, blogs, op-ed pieces, or other opinion-style pieces; also do not use local newspapers, television station reports or think-tank analyses posted on the internet.

Based on the information provided in the article and from your class readings, answer the following questions:

  1. Provide the URL (link) of the article.
  2. Discuss the main findings/issues of the article as they relate to issues of response.
  3. Discuss the role played by local, state, and federal actors in the article.
  4. Do you feel that the response as discussed in the article was effective? Why or why not?



Please make sure that you include referencesThese should be both in-text citations/references and a list of references at the end. Both must be in APA format. This applies to material taken from the text, website, course- assigned readings and others- in other words, anything that is not your own idea(s) and/or words. Direct quotes MUST include page numbers in addition to the in-text reference. Please reference the syllabus with regard to the section on academic integrity. The lack of citations/references may lead to a failing grade on the assignment.

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