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Culturally competent is defined as providing care within the context of patient’s culture and beliefs (Huber, M 2009). Due to large number of immigrants in the USA, the Community Health Nurses(CHN) need to be sensitive to cultural diversity, life circumstances and numerous dynamics that identify a person. CHN nurses need to continually acquire knowledge, skills and assess themselves as cultural competent is an ongoing process. It is important to maintain open mind, and nonjudgmental attitude when providing care for patients coming from different cultural background. By doing this the CHN would know what to expect and be more accepting of other culture beliefs (CDC, 2017). The CHN should find a way to communicate with patients if they do not speak English like finding an interpreter, this will help in creating rapport between them, and the nurse should be able to understand the nonverbal communication like facial expression and gestures which means differently in different cultures. After assessment is completed, the provider will emphasize on the similarities of the treatment to cultural practices (Huber, M 2009).

Cultural preservation-is maintaining the patient’s culture when providing care. Example is where patients wrap onion slices on a sprained ankle to decrease swelling and pain. The nurse can incorporate the practice by requesting the patient to alternate the onions with topical analgesic. Barrier include the patient not believing in pharmaceutical remedies or the medication being expensive for the patient.

Cultural accommodation- is accommodating the use of cultural practices that are not harmful. Example is within Hispanic where they place a coin over the umbilicus of a newborn which is believed helps in healing (Huber, C 2009). Barrier includes if the baby has to undergo procedures where the coin has been placed thus it has to be removed. The coin might cause infection too on the unhealed umbilical cord.

Cultural repatterning-Is where as a CHN, help a patient change the cultural practices that seem harmful. Example in Bulgaria there meals consists of mostly carbohydrates. Its CHN responsibility to teach a newly diagnosed patient with diabetes. The patient needs to be educated on health eating, to avoid high carbohydrates foods like rice, pasta, potatoes. Barrier include the patient wanting to maintain eating their staple food and not understanding how harmful it is.

“Cultural brokering- is advocating, mediating and intervening between the healthcare culture and the client’s culture on behalf of the client”, (Johnson, 2009). The cultural brokers help a lot especially for nurses or providers who work in more densely populated areas of cultural diversity. Brokers help patients to be comfortable knowing they have someone to represent them. Example is within Latinos where they are like health navigators helping in clinics like the planned parenthood, helping out when educating patients about diabetic, cardiovascular. Barrier is the broker not being available when needed. And lack of funding to accommodate the brokers.

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