LAW421 Contemporary Business Law WEEK 1 DQ

Class what is jurisprudence? Please review chapter 1 and post your understanding of jurisprudence. 

Hello Class before we get started with our class discussion I would like to know if anyone has had any prior studies or work experience in a legal, court, or law enforcement setting? 


Class chapter 1 of our text state that the law is a body of rules of action or conduct prescribed by controlling authority, and having legal binding force that create duties, obligations and rights as well as a mechanism to resolve disputes arising from those duties and rights. In addition the law that we now have in the United States is a blend of new law made in the United States and old law from other countries. Can anyone name at least one country where some of our current law originated? Based on your knowledge do you know of any law or principle of law that is reflective of that country?


Chapter 2 of our text states that the United States uses a federal system in which a national government coexists with the government of each state. What does this mean?

Can you think of any recent circumstances in which the federal government and the state government does not seem to see things as the same. In situations where there is conflict between the federal and the state who wins?


Hello Class in light of the two most recent Supreme Court rulings (Gay Marriage and Obamacare) how does these rulings fit into the Supreme Court’s function in our government. How does the rulings affect everyone in each state?  Please note that I am not asking you to discuss your opinion or agreement/disagreements with the rulings. 


Class the United States uses a federal system in which a national government, having limited regulatory powers granted by the Constitution, coexists with the government of each state. Based on chapter 2 of our text what is the main function our Constitution? What do you think is the most significant amendment to the Constitution (in your opinion)? 


I recently had a great trip to DC to share the monuments and the history with my daughter. While I was there I was very immersed in the experience of the federal government and the awesome history that occurred to create the government that we have today. What is the significance of the three main sections of the U.S. Constitution? Has anyone recently traveled to DC?


What is the composition of the state courts? What the main role of the state court? Karen a resident of Georgia is involved in a traffic accident with another resident of Georgia in downtown Atlanta, GA. Karen’s car is completely damaged and she is suffering from whiplash. She now needs to sue the other driver to recover a monetary judgment to obtain a new car and pay her medical bills. Please tell everyone which court (State/Federal) should Karen file her case.


Class as you already know in the United States we have a judiciary i.e.,” court system.” The court system is in place so our society has a forum to resolve disputes and prosecute crimes. Based on our class materials please explain the composition of the judiciary. How is it comprised? Is there any other purpose of the judiciary, other than the ones that I stated earlier, that you can think of.


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