These are discussions only and should only be about 3 or 4 paragraphs each




Discussion 1


If you have taken the time to review Herzberg’s work, you may have learned that people accept a job and stay on the job for different motivational reasons.  Job satisfaction is achieved through what Herzberg would categorize as motivational factors (such as personal growth, responsibility, the work itself, and opportunities for achievement, advancement, recognition and/or to make a positive difference) rather than hygiene factors (such as status, salary, job security, types of supervision, etc.).  

Using at least three comparison web examples from the industry you used to in your discussion one post this week  (this is attached), delineate a creative employee benefits plan designed to keep your best employees satisfied and motivated.  Remember to include all of the links, as well as references from the course text and other resources to support your rationale. 


Discussion 2


There are many issues affecting organizations today (such as employee retention, flexible work schedule, contingent workforce, talent management, work-life balance). Select one of these issues and discuss how it integrates to at least two of the functional areas of HRM that you have learned about (T & D, Recruiting/Selection, Performance/Evaluation, Compensation & Benefits, etc.). 

In your post, include at least three reasons why this issue is important to organizations.


Discussion 3


Now let us take a look at what it takes to put it all together. How do you manage human resources in a global technological environment? How can an organization be strategic with their most important resource – their people? Explain your answer. You must use at least two scholarly sources to support your discussion.  

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