1. What factor led the English to attempt to kill off entire Native American peoples?
A. The English relied on black slaves and wanted Native Americans’ land.
B. Native Americans provided a good labor source for the Spanish.
C. Native Americans had vast wealth to exploit for tribute.


4. What Old World product became widely popular in Eurasia only once it was cultivated in the New World?
A. Tobacco
B. Cacao
D. Sugar


5. One of the most effective forms of resistance that slaves employed against their masters was
B. earning money to buy their freedom.
C. working slowly.
D. not having children.

7. The Treaty of Westphalia of 1648
A. ended the wars of religion through a policy of tolerance.
C. came close to establishing the power of the Roman Church in England.
D. gave rulers the right to impose their religion upon their subjects.

8. For most people, the religious revival of the eighteenth century focused on
A. individual study of the scriptures.
B. feelings and enthusiasm.
C. a scientific and reasoned approach to faith.


11. Which of the following European land empires expanded its territory most aggressively in the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries?
A. Mughal India
B. Russia
C. China


13. What common trend occurred in most regions from the mid sixteenth century to the late seventeenth century?
B. A decrease in wealth in the world
C. Extension of land exploitation
D. A decline in the slave trade

14. Although Chinese emperors were theoretically unlimited in their authority, during the reign of the emperor Zhengde his administration
A. went on strike.
B. insisted that he go on a military campaign.
D. deposed him.


17. What was the main motivating factor for European maritime expansion in the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries?
A. To spread Christian values
C. To increase economic opportunity
D. To seek out new lands for increasing populations

18. Peter the Great’s decision to move the capital of Russia to St. Petersburg reflects the shift of power in Europe to the
A. east.
B. south.
C. north.

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