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Hi, I recently had an essay written and feel as though it did not meet the assignment requarements. I need someone to edit/ add to the essay to complete the requirements. For the assignment I chose Ben Franklin. I paid $5 for the essay and do not wish to pay more for the revisal. The assignemnt and the initial essay are pasted below:



For this assignment, you will be writing an obituary for the figure you chose at the start of the semester, deemed by you to be the most significant American prior to the Civil War. You should describe your historical figure, their life, and significance in American history, as well as the context in which they are important.

 As you have chosen this figure, you are to determine why they are significant, and you should be able to defend your argument with both facts and analysis. Remember, this is NOT a biography. You are not merely recounting the life of this figure. The focus on this paper is the figure’s significance and why they matter.

 To write the obituary, you must utilize at least three sources. ONE source must be a biography or historical work written about your figure. I recommend that you use historical journal articles. At least three reputable sources must be used for full credit. 

Additional Information

Each paper is worth 100 points.  Papers must be stapled, double-spaced, with one-inch margins and the correct font and size (Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica in 12 pt font).

Papers should be 2 pages in length.

Citations should be provided on a citation page in Chicago style – include all books, internet sources, and media.


Benjamin Franklin is remembered as one of the greatest transformational innovator and a leader in the history of the United States. He is known as the father of self-help in America. He lived a life full of a spirit of the renaissance as he was interested in the world that surrounds him and his fellow American people, thus enhancing not only his personal growth in diverse fields on human endeavor but that of his country as well. Irrespective of his profound effect on matters related to electricity, he had an exceptional understanding of the scope of writing. He was a wise and wit character who published Poor Richard’s Almanack.  [1] The first lending library is attributed to his keen sense of reading, printing and writing leading to the invention of bifocal glasses. He also made scientific pursuits and discoveries on mathematics and map working, but science was his most favorite particularly in handling matters concerned with the electricity. This is why the language that we use today when referring to the same has its background to this prominent man.

Apart from being a renowned scientist, innovator, a thinker and an inventor, Ben Franklin, he is remembered for his phrase regarding matters of making money. He says that anyone who wants to make money out of his ideas is free to do so, implying how patent he was in his inventions moments. For instance, in 1743 when he founded the American Philosophical Society, Franklin among other founders of U.S drafted the Declaration of Independence of the country. Besides, he is remembered by many to be behind delineation of the U.S Constitution and enhancing negotiation of 1783 Treaty of Paris. This Treaty indeed contributed to the end of the Revolutionary War (1775-83).

Franklin shared anonymously towards calling on the colonies to stay together particularly when the French and the Indian War took centre stage in 1754. [2] He said so because his primary intention was to see the nations enjoying their common defense. He metaphorically used sectioned and cut snake demonstrating that nations such as France and India can either be joined or die. Also, Ben represented Pennsylvania county of America at the Albany Congress. It is from here that he adopted his proposal that ended up creating a unified government that saw thirteen colonies coming together. This for sure is as a result of his proposal he made while at the Albany Congress. However, this plan for union failed, as the colonies fail to ratify and accept it.

When Franklin and his son returned to America from London, they met American Revolution approaching, and from here he was given a chance to serve as a delegate in 1776. He was a delegate to the Continental Congress, an aspect which made him sign the Declaration of Independence. [3] This is why he is one of the leading figures of early American history. As a statesman, Franklin served in the Second Continental Congress during the period of the American Revolution. As a matter of fact, Benjamin Franklin is the only founding father to have appended his signature to all four key documents that saw American where it is now. He signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776, the U.S Constitution in 1787, the Peace Treaty of Paris that establish reconciliation with Great Britain in 1783 and the Alliance Treaty with France in 1778.


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