This is a brief writing assignment based on the readings below:

– Locke, Second Treatise of Government (

– Jefferson, the Declaration of Independence,

– Tocqueville, Democracy in America (selections)

– Madison, Federalist Papers 10 & 51





1.     1.

Read Locke, Ch. XVIII. Of Tyranny (sections 202-209). What is tyranny? Briefly explain if and when the people have a right to oppose it.

2.     2.

Read Locke, Ch. XIX. Of the Dissolution of Government (sections 219-225). When does Locke say the people have a right to dissolve the government and start a new one?

3.     3. What do you think was the purpose of the Declaration of Independence? To whom do you think it was addressed? Who does it represent and include?

4.     4. Why is there a detailed list of “Facts” about a certain king–what purpose does this serve?

5.     5. Is God mentioned? If so, in what ways and for what reason(s)?


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