Standards of Health care staff

We are looking at professionalism and the setting of goals in healthcare administration in this unit. For this discussion, consider the following healthcare organizations, and address what you believe the goals of a healthcare administrator should be for each of the four types of healthcare organizations listed. Describe the similarities and/or differences that you see in each role: (1) free-standing public health clinic, (2) school of medicine health clinic, (3) religious hospital, and (4) community hospital.

Please include the name of the person or question to which you are replying in the subject line. For example, “Tom’s response to Susan’s comment.”



The goals of any health care administrator should be similar, and yet have differences depending on the type of facility. I feel all health care administrators should have some goals that are related to giving excellent care in a positive environment, making sure the patients feel welcomed and that their needs are being met and also making sure their employees have what they need to perform their jobs in a clean and peaceful setting.

The differences in goals again will be different depending on the facility. For example, a free-standing public health administrator may have goals to out reach to the public to get them involve in things that’s affecting them directly like free HIV testing. An administrator for school of medicine health clinic may have goals that are surrounded around giving the patients the best quality care also making sure the students engaged in every part of the journey to give them the experience they need to further their knowledge. A religious hospital administrator may want to have goals that will align with the faith that the hospital is based on. A community hospital administrator may set goals that will include the needs of the community like making goals to volunteer for something that would make a difference. 

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