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Post by Tanya YarritoMena

1 day agoWeek 4 Bible Discussion -Miriam’s Story

What surprised me the most in this week’s reading is that I never knew that Moses had an older sister so that was a shock to me. But surprised me the most was how can I have not heard of when she was such a strong, vital leader in the Bible. Miriam has always shown spiritual faith and has shown that she was always meant to become a prophetess she even prophesied that her mother would bring the savior of Israel to life (Moses).  Even before Moses started the rebellion against the Pharaoh when she was a midwife she also rebelled against the Pharaoh himself because she refused to obey his order to kill Hebrews’ newborn sons, Miriam was the one to even save Moses from the Nile. While reading the rest of the Exodus and reading how much Miriam was involved and  how much she played such a key role it showed me how much God loves women that he created. He didn’t create us women to just be followers and to just follow the man but when we believe in him we can prosper to such strong leadership roles. When the Israelites were finally freed from the Pharaoh no one not even God told Miriam to sing in worship but not only she did she drummed but she even told people to rejoice in God because of him and him only they are now free, Sing to the LORD, for he is highly exalted. Both horse and driver he has hurled into the sea. (Exodus 15: 21) Learning about Miriam was truly inspiring, I believe that God always specifically showed how much women can be great leaders and in the Bible from Genesis to Exodus shows how much the role of women evolve.

Post by Jennifer AfalavaLilio

1 day agoWeek 4

Miriam’s story surprises me since she is in a position that leads. Also, she is a woman during a time where men could treat women like property and she took advantage of position, she got too comfortable. Another thing that shocks me is she knows the history of her brother and assisted him from birth and played a big role in saving him as an infant, in Exodus 2:7, “…Shall I go and get one of the Hebrew women to nurse the baby for you” (NIV).  She loved her brother but her pride, jealousy and envy clouded her judgment. 

Miriam played a big part in leading the children of the Israel. She was a prophetess who led out in worship. Worship is a form of love and adoration, which she did towards God. In Exodus 15:21, she sang, “…Sing to the Lord for he is highly exalted. Both horse and driver he has hurled into the sea” (NIV).  Her songs were praises to God. Her love for God is felt in these words, yet she made a mistake. 

I can apply Miriam’s story by being aware of my words and actions towards others. It’s a reminder that, when I’m feeling something that is not of God (jealousy, envy, coveting, etc.), I need to regroup before I speak. Also, be cautious of what I engage in with others when it is against authority – Pastors, church leaders, management, etc., the respect should be maintained. Also, there is a time and place to address concerns but not by gossiping. God is a God of order and peace, if I’m not contributing to that, it’s best to pause, pray and ask for direction and peace.  

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