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Post by Gabby Bains

21 hours agoWeek 6 Discussion

What I found surprising or significant about the movement of the Holy Spirit, particularly in Acts chapter 10 is the profound activation of the Holy Spirit. Although one should never be caught off guard by the glory of God in the sense of the boundless, infinite supply of power He possesses, it still amazes me how God utilizes the Holy Spirit to pass through barriers. Even through acceptance of the unfathomable, it is crazy to process His mighty being. It is very important and, personally, simple to recognize the fluidity and impact of the Holy Spirit through these stories and through the witnessing. The Holy Spirit, can be seen through these chapters especially in Acts chapter 10, as God’s finger, or His signature.

  I think Holiness relates to the Holy Spirit in a very important way. The Holy Spirit must be “summoned” and when it is, the impact of it spreads like a contagious ailment. We can see that the proper holy temple, or properly “prepared” place- with expectancy of something as holy as the Spirit, must be in order to receive the Holy Spirit. Not meaning that us of the ordinary and of the unclean can’t receive it, but we must be spiritually aligned in an altruistic, humble sense. Furthermore, “we must present our bodies a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God…” so that we can be true disciples and be open homes welcoming the Holy Spirit.

Post by Bertha Baltazar

1 day agoRe: Week 6 | Discussion – The Spirit’s on the Move

In Acts chapter 10, Peter receives an important message from God that sets forward a surprising movement in the ascension of the church.  When he is on the rooftop praying, he becomes hungry and at that moment, he sees a sheet coming down from heaven and on it are all types of animals, including reptiles and birds.  God then tells Peter to “kill and eat”.  Peter believing these animals to be “profane and unclean” tells the Lord that he has never eaten anything like this.  Then God says to him, “What God has made clean, you must not call profane” (Acts 10:9-16).  

Peter continues thinking about his vision and tries to decipher it’s meaning.  At that moment, three men that Cornelius had sent to look for Peter find him.  They tell him that Cornelius, who is a religious and respected Jewish man was instructed by a holy angel to seek him out so he could hear what he had to say.  Peter accepts and joins the men (Acts 10:17-23).  When Peter arrives, he finds Cornelius has gathered relatives and friends to hear Peter speak.  Peter tells them that they know it is unlawful for Jews to associate themselves with a gentile, but God has shown him otherwise.  Peter then associates the message he received from God regarding the animals he sent him to eat with the belief that Gentiles are “profane and unclean”.  He tells them that God has shown him to not call anyone profane or unclean which meant that He loves all humans equally.  As Peter continues speaking, the Holy Spirit falls upon all who are present, including the gentiles.  At this moment, the Jewish people see for themselves that God is not only reserved for them, but for all who believe.  

Because God is holy, the holy spirit is part of God.  When the holy spirit fell on to the group gathered, he brings the essence of God’s holiness on to them.   As a catholic, I have received the holy spirit through the Sacraments of baptism, confirmation also when receiving holy communion.  But in order to receive the holy spirit, I must be absolved of my sins by confessing and repenting, praying and worshiping God.  

Post by Stephanie Gonzalez

1 day agoWeek 6 Discussion

What I found significant about the movement of the Holy Spirit in Acts 10 was that it brought two men of different backgrounds together. I don’t understand why Peter is also called Simon but none the less, he listened to Cornelious slaves and followed them back to Caesarea. These two men are good at listening and following directions. The holy spirit didn’t have favorites and that is something that stood out to me.

I think holiness relates to the Holy Spirit directly. One needs holiness to receive the Holy Spirit. One needs to follow the path God has set which calls for costly discipleship and costly grace. It’s the only way to truly receive God teachings. Once that is set, one can reach God’s kingdom and reap the rewards of living a devout life. I think the Holy Spirit only affects those who follow God, those who do not don’t know anything about it and therefore live life oblivious to it. 

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