Respond to my peer 150 words (people that know graphic design only)

review and comment on at least two of your peers’ responses: Confirm their understanding of page layout and its value.

  • Talk about any experience you have personally had with page layout or how you might have benefited from understanding the role of InDesign when creating work in the past.
  • Offer explanations to additional features and benefits to using the InDesign application that you have learned through your readings and Learning Activities.

Challenge any uses of the InDesign page proffered by your peers that you believe are not reasonable or accurate uses of the application attributes.


work by Maria

Why InDesign?

            Adobe is a computer software company specializing in graphic design. There’s no other company that targets the exact needs of digital design like Adobe. It can be considered a designer’s best friend. Designing on a computer can be difficult if you don’t have the right program with the right tools. Adobe has managed to create different programs like Illustrator, Photoshop, Bridge, InDesign, and much more. Even though each program is design for a specific purpose they contain similar tools and functions. 

            When working with editing or creating images Photoshop is the way to go. Photoshop helps enhance photographs by add or erase unwanted features. You can create complex logos or photos with nice lines and curves. But since PS strictly works with fixed pixel dimensions it creates blurry images when enlarged. Ps is not recommended when working with something that needs to be resized, like a logo, because then you will end up with an unsatisfied costumer.

            On the other hand, Illustrator is for creating logos or any other design elements. Illustrator is a vector base program. Vector works only with 4 points and uses math to connect points (Ucreative). This means you are able to resize a logo or image without losing its sharpness. Illustrator is recommended when creating fonts or logos because you are able to manipulate them size wise better. The downside for using Illustrator is that you can’t edit photographs. Even though you are able to create multi-page documents you don’t have the correct tools to manipulate them like InDesign does.

            InDesign is another program created by Adobe. InDesign is capable of manipulating multipage documents like magazines. It also has the layouts needed to be able to print from brochures to books. InDesign specializes in any material that’s needs to be printed or has multiple pages. The best feature of InDesign is that you are able to take designs from Illustrator and Photoshop and put them all in one place.

            Once you know what project you are working one you can pick the program that fits your needs. InDesign is for multi-page layouts; you will be able to wrap text around images easier than with illustrator. You are able to create a multi-page design in Illustrator and Photoshop but they tend to create very heavy file, making printing harder. Even if you decide you use InDesign you will still need the help of Photoshop since “InDesign doesn’t have any photo editing capabilities” (printwand). All three create a perfect team when designing any multi-page layout.

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