psychology 2314


This assignment requires a minimum of 3 (three) hours of observation/meeting of an individual – you can choose any age over the lifespan. The assignment consists of observation, handwritten or typewritten notes, samples of work/activities from the person, any interview/questionnaire/survey/informal discussion information, research background,and a final report about the individual’s development that is observed and learned.

After choosing an age-group to study, you will review the information––theories, research, developmental concepts, milestones, and other unique features of this stage. You will then, based on this information, create a data-collection tool. This tool can be a questionnaire, interview schedule, survey, etc. You will employ this tool to collect the data for your report. You will meet, observe, or interact (as the case may be) with the participant and collect onsite/in-field data. You will then connect this information to the theoretical viewpoints and recent research. You will search for 5 (five) peer-reviewed research articles from professional journals using Library databases. You will integrate the results from these studies and the information from the textbook (at least 5 citations) into your final report. The scholarly articles should have been published within the past 10 years and add value to the discussion of the age group.

Paper Format

  • Length:  3-4 full pages, plus a cover page and reference page.
  • Sources:  Textbook, class notes and any additional academic resources.

Grading Criteria

  • 80 pts. – Fulfillment of the assignment objective described above.
  • 20 pts. – Clearly written paper, including an introduction, an organized flow of ideas, a conclusion, appropriate grammar, and spelling. Please remember that we have a Writing Center, within the Academic Skills Center, to assist.

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