Health administration and policy

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PROMPT:  See Exhibit 1.5 on page 22 (Longest).  See the discussion of financial and non-financial barriers to care in Bodenheimer and Grumbach.  Pick a specific barrier to discuss.  Discuss how this barrier fits into one of the health determinants from Longest (or why you think it does not).  Search the overviews of the ACA (Appendix 1 & Landmark) to see if any components of the ACA appear to relate to this barrier.  Briefly discuss how one component of the ACA could reduce this barrier – or why the ACA does not appear to relate to this specific barrier to health. 




availability of and access to health services is one of the health determinants that health policy has an impact on. Money, technology, and workforce are the three primary resources of health care services. If we have the efficient number of health care workforce, we will be able to provide access to health services at high quality. Surely health policy has a direct effect on the number of health personnel which leads to noticeable results on people’s health. Having more health care providers will reflect on population health. If we would like to provide health services like preventative, long-term, and acute care, we need more health personnel. Then if we get more health workforce, we will make access to health care easier (Longest, p26)

Lack of Prompt Access to healthcare is one of the non-financial barriers to healthcare. Many of us think that there is easy access to health care services. While in the fact it’s not that easy. Many patients spend days to see a physician when they are in need of health care. This uneasy access to healthcare is due to the shortage of medical personnel like physicians and nurses. In 2013, one-fourth of American had waited for days to see a doctor. Almost 40% of these people said it is hard to get primary care. It’s also hard to 40% of elderly patients to get an appointment within one or two days with their doctor when they needed (Bodenheimer and Grumbach, 2016)

I have found that one title of the ACA is related to this barrier which is Title V: health care workforce, Subtitle F: strengthening primary care and other workforce improvements. I found Sec. 5507 very helpful and encouraging. In sec. 5507 requires the Secretary to awards grants for demonstration projects that are designed to provide certain low- income individual with the opportunity to obtain education and training for health care occupations. Orders like this give people of low income a great chance to get their education in health care field which will increase the health care personals which eventually reflect on more access to health care services (Washington Post, p232)

Also, under the same title of the ACA, I have found the subtitle G: improving access to health care services two interesting points that have a high impact on health care access. First. Sec. 5601 reauthorizes opportunities for health care centers to serve the medically underserved population. I think these order will give the people who live in rural areas more access to healthcare. Second, sec. 5606 authorizes a state to award grants to health care providers who treat a high percentage of the medically underserved population or other special population in the state. I found that very helpful for population like native American for example (Washington Post, p233)



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