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Post by Alexis Maldonado

23 hours agoWeek 2 Discussion | Who is Jesus?

·  What portraits of Jesus emerge from Luke 7-12? What does he do? What is he like?

In Luke 7-12 there are many situations that illustrate Jesus’ character. This is expressed through his actions, what he does for the people and how he interacts with them. Throughout these versus he has healed, preached and brought people back from the dead. He is sympathetic and shows compassion for the sick, and he is forgiving of the sinners who repent. Not only can he heal the sick, but he can heal people who are possessed by driving these demons out of them so that they may go on to live full lives. Aside from this he is humble by all he can do and all he has done through God and makes sure to credit him. Finally, Jesus is just and creates all equally, pharaoh or sinner; even his family is equal to everyone. In Luke 8:19-21 when his mother and brothers tried to reach him through a large crowd they did not receive special treatment, he said, “My mother and my brothers are those who hear the word of God and do it” (NSRV).

·  What is Jesus aiming for when he asks his disciples, “But who do you say that I am?” in Luke 9:20? How does Jesus challenge or defy expectations?

In my opinion when Jesus asks this to his disciples in Luke 9:20, he wanted to hear what he meant to him. He heard what everyone else thought, that he was everyone but him regardless of the countless miracles he performed. The answer was brief, but it was true. Jesus was “The Messiah of God” (NSRV, Luke 9:20). His disciples understood that what was being done was greater than what was just in from of them, it was all done through God. He went on to defy all expectations when he foretold his death to then rise again. Only the true son of God can go on to do all the good he has done for God’s people. He also went on to challenge the faith of his followers and asked to be willing to lose their lives to have it saved.

Post by Diego Bartolome

1 day agoRe: Week 2 | Discussion – Who is Jesus?Luke 7-12 portrays Jesus as a healer a savior and a man of power. The stories from Luke are looked at as parables. Through it all Jesus often looked to God for guidance. showing that he had faith in his own father. Jesus asks his disciples, “But who do you say that I am?” Jesus wants to see their understanding of who he truly is. When Peter answers correctly about who Jesus is, there is still a lack of understanding Peter genuinely knows about Jesus. We see how Jesus rebukes Peter when Peter questions him. Peter may have answered correctly when he said that Jesus was the Messiah, but he did not understand what it fully meant to be the Messiah.

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