Art drawing


You are going to draw a completed picture for this Lab #1, Drawing Lab, so look carefully at the parts, the shapes created by the lines of your puzzle sections while you are drawing!


To explore the art elements of line, shape, and proportion (and color, texture, etc. if applicable).

Note: The shapes created by the lines in the rectangles are not proportionate. In other words, you must enlarge the lines/shapes when drawing/transferring them to the specific assigned rectangles in the grid handout. This is a drawing assignment and no credit will be earned for ‘tracing’ the shapes into the grid, they are intentionally too small to fit and/or fill the rectangular spaces in the grid.

Materials: This assignment requires a horizontal layout when printing!

Instructor’s handout of Puzzle parts and the Grid of empty rectangles (included in study guide) for their transfer, pencil or pen, eraser if needed, pencil sharpener, and other materials for embellishment (optional).


Write your name on the page with the empty grid of rectangles—YOU MAY SCAN OR PHOTOGRAPH ALL LABS for submission online. You will notice there are corresponding letters and numbers on both pages of this lab, so make sure to place the correct and corresponding lines, which create shapes, into the correct rectangle on the page with the empty grid.

Copy the lines and shapes of the Puzzle Drawing as exactly as possible onto the page with the grid of empty rectangles, paying very closed attention to where the lines interact on the sides or borders of the rectangles, so that the parts will line up accurately and connect with the appropriate lines surrounding them. Pay close attention to the proportions in each rectangle. What type of shapes and negative shapes do the lines in the rectangles create?

Please consider all shapes including the negative shapes created in the background area and please cover all white paper in order to create a fully developed image!

Extension or elaboration:

Please feel free to use whatever other materials you have to embellish, add color, texture, and enhance with details both the emphasized subject and the background! Being creative is always an option! Look up the paintings of Picasso, Matisse, etc. for inspirational ideas and remember to consider background development as part of the assignment!


20 points – Image shows strong sense of involvement, time, and thought and student has accurately reproduced / drawn the lines to create accurate shapes in the grid.

5 points – Image is neatly presented with no smudges or wrinkling of the paper.

TOTAL: 25 points for this lab

Make sure your name and the date are written in the place provided on the handout before submitting the completed drawing for grading.


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