ART 330 Essay Assignment 6


Essay Module 6


Please choose one (1) of the following essays to answer. Each essay must consist of at least 700

words (this equals two double-spaced pages in Times New Roman font 12), must be in complete

sentences and where necessary, appropriate information must be properly documented in MLA


This essay, worth forty (40) points, must be submitted to the Assignment Box no later than

Sunday 11:59 EST/EDT in Module 6. (This Assignment Box maybe linked to Turnitin.)

Turnitin is a plagiarism identification service that can also assist students with term paper

reference methodology. The Turnitin tool compares your writing against all published sources

and also checks against previous classes’ written work(s). Source match cannot be more than


Essay Question Options:

1. Pop art and minimalism were two of the most influential art movements to come out of

the US in the 1960s. Using the pop work of Lichtenstein and Warhol and the minimalist

work of Stella, Judd and Flavin, compare and contrast the two movements. What formal

properties does all the work share? What are the similarities of content? Remember that

both movements were created at the same time and the same place. What, if any, is the

significance of this coincidence?

2. Andy Warhol said he liked mechanical repetition and wanted to be a machine himself,

declaring “I think it would be terrific if everybody was alike.” Consider this statement in

the era of mass-production in which he was creating his Pop Art objects and paintings.

Do his multiple images of pop culture figures and his renditions of mass-manufactured

products celebrate mechanical repetition and sameness, or do they have another message?

Give specific examples of art to support your discussion.

3. In the 1960s the generation born after World War II came of draft age in unprecedented

numbers. Discuss how this demographic engendered a “youth culture” that impacted the

draft laws, civil rights, and the Vietnam War through cultural and countercultural

statements, s

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