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 Question: 1 

What are the benefits of having an Incident Response Plan?

One of the approaches to deal with security threats is to have an effective Incident Response Plan. By description, an incident response plan refers to a set of instructions to assist IT staff in detecting, responding to, and recovering the system from network security scenarios (Ruefle et al. 2014). An effective Incident Response Plan is beneficial in that it has elements such as the role and duties of each individual in the incident response team members and strategy for communication. The plan also has a continuity plan, processes for data and network recovery, and necessary physical resources, tools, and technologies to be used in case of an incidence (Jalali et al. 2019).

There are other several benefits of having an Incident Response Plan. The first benefit is that it enables an organization to prepare to face and tackle any security incident that may occur confidently and effectively. In case of security incidents, it is easy with the help of the plan for the organization to operate on an “all hands on deck” basis. This also eliminates issues such as panic and confusion in evaluating the incident’s impact because the team members are of what to do, how to communicate and what it takes to stop the incidence as soon as possible. The second benefit is that the Incident Response Plan helps mitigate the potential damage that may occur after a security incident(Ruefle et al. 2014).  It is because the plan outlines the necessary mechanisms, corrective actions, and recommendations to eliminate potential damage (Jalali et al. 2019). The third benefit is that by having documented steps in corrective actions to be followed by the team responsible for the incident response, an organization can avoid oversight and recover more quickly from the incidents (Jalali et al. 2019).


I want 150 words explanation on above paragraph. you must include at least two citations and 2 references., your sentence must be start from, I like your post, I would like to add some more details on your discussion….

Question: 2 

Incident Response Plan

Incident Response Plan is an effective method of securing information and data of a business. It is mainly seen in business industry, health care industries. With the advancement of technology, security has become very important. Data can be stolen from an organization’s database easily.  Proactive measures should be taken to prevent data loss. But sometimes measures are not taken. In addition to that this can make huge trouble for the industry as well as customers (Alsmadi, 2019). So it can make or break the image of the company, trust of customers. So Incident Response Plan plays a major role in this case. For that the companies should have an efficient team of employees who should have the skills of tackling cybersecurity threats and taking proper steps to prevent further attacks in future.

Benefits of Incident Response Plan

Whenever any problem can be found it can be controlled properly so that the work progress is not hampered, which reduces time. This problem should be taken as an experience and it is known that prevention is better than cure.  Security system should be enhanced properly so that this problem does not have to face anymore. Some information can be collected like from where the attack was done and the website should be blocked.  Thus the crucial information of employees and customers can be retrieved easily using the plan. Trust of customers, investors and stakeholders can remain intact. The reputation of the company will be damaged if any information is leaked out about the employees, customers and, investors. By chance any data is needed in legal cases then quick responses can be given by the company. In a problem, a response is needed for the actual solutions and not the reactions. Everyday technology is advancing with each passing day and the same is evolving the ways of a company(Brooks, 2017). Once the Incident Response Plan is made that does not assure that it solves all the problems that might be faced by a company as no security is full proof. The Plan should be moderated every now and then and building even stronger security is requirement for any company. To achieve the same a company needs to maintain a good relation among workforce of a company and they should be well connected. Every employee should be involved not only the IT staffs but employee of other departments as well. In addition to that, the security system should also have a backup plan and the data should be restored in a very secure place because no plan is full proof. The new employees should be hired and all the employee should be given a chance to give their opinion. These are the most talked benefits of Security Induction Plan, which has been able to deal with most of the problems and the same should not be taken lightly as it will never be less significant. The hackers are also well versed with technology and ready to come up with new ideas, inventions to steal information from the servers of a company. So companies should be always ready to combat new challenges that come their way.


I want 150 words explanation on above paragraph. you must include at least two citations and 2 references., your sentence must be start from, I like your post, I would like to add some more details on your discussion….

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