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  1. cover Letters
  2. Goal Management
  3. Academic Plan

This course has helped me realize three major key concepts that I can use in my life, both present and future. To start, the cover letter assignment has taught me how to properly compose a cover letter in order for my letter to appear more professional to the hiring manager for the position I am applying for. I learned how to list key skills that will help identify my strengths when it comes to a certain position I am applying for. Another thing I learned, was how to organize my goals to better motivate my self to actually get important things done in the time I intended. This will help with the procrastination trait that I seem to have and help me better my career path. Lastly, I learned how to manage my Academic life and was able to project how many credits I could finish within a quarter and identify what grades I initially want. I firmly believe I have obtained a lot of helpful knowledge from this course that will definitely be useful in the future whether near or far. 



The three key take-aways from this course for me personally were:

 1. Academic Plan to stay on track. 

2. The importance of communication 

3. Persistence is the key to success 

One key take-away was creating an academic plan for that future is an imperative step in achieving goals. Tracking and maintaining your grades is a critical part of successfully achieving your academic goals, and achieving goals. Planning is the best form of prevention and it reduce anixety.It helps to gain a better understanding of interests, identify possible job opportunities, and gain career market information.

Good communication ensures what is expected of them, that the appropriate person receives the correct information.Clear and concise communication and the consequences of poor communication need to be understood by the accountancy profession.

Persistence is the ability to maintain action regardless of your feelings. You press on even when you feel like quitting, until you achieve that important goal. I surprise myself everyday. People give up too soon because they have wrong expectations of themselves and the outcome.

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