Respond To My Three Classmates Discussion 150 Words In 10 Hours


Respond to at least two of your peers’ work by answering the questions below. Responses could include suggestions for further resources, questions of clarification, or provide context and insight. Avoid simple posts of agreement; if you agree, explain why, and then thoughtfully further the conversation.

  • Are there any other possible solutions you can think of that could also address your peer’s challenge?
  • What similar experiences did you have that allowed you to relate to your peer’s situation?
  • What resources, aside from the tutor, did you use to aid in your understanding of those concepts that might have helped your peer with their understanding?

1. Mostafa Elkafoury

3 days agoRe: Week 5 | Discussion – Status Check

Hello everyone, this week assignment is a unique assignment. To choose an assignment that I have struggled with is a struggle in itself. Math is a struggle for many of us in this class, but for me, I find math is easier than other topics. I have always enjoyed solving math problems since I was young and the difficult the math level gets, the more I challenge myself to understand it better. This week assignment was a challenge for me, because I had to choose an assignment that I struggle with, so far, I do not have any struggle with the previous assignment we had in this class, but for the sake of the assignment. My session with the tutor was very brief. My discussion with the tutor revolved around dividing terms containing exponential expressions. I remember when I started that lesson earlier in the class, I was a bit confused about why when dividing exponential expression and the product of the division is a negative exponent, it has to be flipped and converted into a positive exponent. My tutor explained to me the reason why, and it turned out it is a mathematical rule like when multiplying (-) * (-) = (+). The tutor was very helpful and took his time to explain it in simple terms. I have attached a copy of the session. Hope it will be helpful to all of you as well it was for me

  1. Shannon Householder
    2 days agoRe: Week 5 | Discussion – Status CheckHappy week #5 to all of you.  Last week I had a hard time with graphing inequalities.  I did not seem to quite get the overlapping completely mastered.  I logged into my account, and was immediately prompted to identify the type of help that I needed.  I chose our course on the drop down tab, I typed in the inequality that I wanted to graph with the tutor.  I worked on this with John on TUTOR.COM.  He was very helpful and took me step-by-step, and he did not make me feel stupid.  I was able to post one of the questions that I struggled with during our homework last week.  I do find that sometimes having someone walk you through and pointing out the intricacies of that problem can help enormously.  I also really liked using the online graphing calculator.  All of these tools help me because I am a visual learner.  I do plan on using this service again in the future. Hoping everyone has a great 5th week!
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  2. Post by Ashley Martinez
    2 days agoRe: Week 5 | Discussion – Status CheckHey Guys! The biggest struggle I was having was with this material so far in the course was with equations of linear functions. I explained to the tutor that I was having specific trouble with understanding how to set the problem up, and where the numbers go. I used some example from within the course, and then she used some of her own for examples. We went step by step, and the tutor was super patient and took her time to really explain in detail how to do the problem, and tips to remembering how to remember how to do it. I also asked her questions about radical equations, especially the problems where you have to use pie in the equation, and she refreshed me on how to work throw those problems as well. Overall, I would totally use the resource for extra help, especially in math. I did not expect the tutors to be so patient and nice. I honestly expected them to be short, and not very detailed. Which why I hesitated before to use this resource.   

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