Critical Thinking

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Hi Everyone,

If you would like to learn more about making better decisions, I recommend reading the book Decisive. For a quick video summary of the book, see these two videos: (opens in a new window) (opens in a new window)

We are off to a good start on the Discussion Board (DB) and I will try to give you interesting topics to discuss during the semester. All of the course’s discussion boards (DBs) have Sunday night due dates so always try to post by the deadline. I grade the Discussion Board every module within a few days after the DB closes.  DB # 1 must be completed by the due date on the course calendar. I expect you to make your first post to all DBs by the Thursday before the weekend they are due. After the due date it will close and you will have missed it if you didn’t post on time (this results in an absence so try not to miss any of the DBs).

Take note that you should read all of the course articles and watch all of the videos. Many students find the videos to be the most interesting part of the course.

In terms of grades, most students do well in this course and I expect the same of you. A few students are always dropped due to violating the attendance policy (which will be enforced), but you should do very well if you stay on track and avoid violating the attendance policy (see syllabus). The course is challenging but not overly difficult. I spread the coursework out over the entire semester making it very manageable.

Your text is just one part of this course so be sure to review all of the links in each module. The videos and web sites I use are the best I have found and students usually comment that these add interesting supplementary content for the class lessons. Visual learners will find a lot to like in the course web links.

I always try to use organized modules and clear course content to make the class a good experience for students. You will find I reply to all student emails and I’m very approachable with whatever questions you may have. Look for my announcements on Sundays or Mondays during the semester to keep you updated on the week’s due dates, course material, etc.  

You should complete the journal for each module by the last day of each module to keep from falling behind. Keep your journal in a MS-Word document file and add new entries as we go through the journal assignments. You will submit your completed journal (document) by uploading it to Blackboard toward the end of the course in Module 10. You may have an FTCC tutor review your journals as you do them if you have questions or if you need help with it.

Please use your college email when you email me and be sure to include your course section number. I teach multiple courses for the college so I won’t know which class you are in unless you tell me. This allows me to respond faster when answering your questions or helping you.

I am of the opinion that many online courses are boring and too focused on just the text. My teaching philosophy is to create online courses that are just as engaging as regular classes by using interesting videos and documentaries as well as lively discussion topics. I keep my courses simple and easy to follow with clear instructions and weekly announcements to keep students on track.

I like to use the discussion boards (DBs) to allow you to incorporate your opinions into the subject and to speak freely with your classmates. I think it is true that you will always learn more in life from those you disagree with rather than from those who simply say yes to your ideas. Challenge and learn from each other this semester!

The DBs are used for attendance and these cannot be made up. Do not ask me to make up a DB as this would violate college attendance policy. If you miss one, just move on to the next DB. Students should make their initial post to the DBs by Thursday of the weeks they are due so your classmates will have time to make their reply posts. I grade all the DBs carefully so be sure to write at least 200 words in your initial post and 50 words or more in your replies to classmates.

This course is always fun to teach and I think you will enjoy the material, especially the videos.

Remember, use your college email and be sure to include your course section number (I teach three sections of this course).

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