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An action plan is one that focuses on solving a problem associated with a specific circumstance (Erford, 2014, p.154). Action research is usually conducted by professionals that have an interest in making the conditions of their profession better (Erford, 2014, p.155). This type of research is helpful to changing the environmental standards of professionals that are involved or notice problems on their day to day work conditions (Erford, 2014, p. 1540.

The steps for establishing an action plan include


1.        Identifying the research question

2.        Gathering information

3.        Analyzing the collected information

4.        Creating action plan

5.        Evaluating the plan (Erford, 2014, p.155)


When creating an action plan, one must define the issue at hand and work to devise a strategy that will better the circumstances. After the plan is created, it must be analyzed from time to time to see if it works. (Erford, 2014, p. 155)

There are two types of action research: practical and participatory. Practical action research encompasses the actual implementation of progression in a specific setting. Participatory research would be soliciting the assistance of others to help bring about growth. (Erford, 2014, p. 154)

An example in which I would use action research is to find out why the students feel that the customer service at the university, specifically the financial aid office is so poor. Our specific department is what I call the heartbeat of the university, without proper finance especially for our culture of students, attendance would not be possible. Yet we receive so many complaints regarding customer service. I would create a questionnaire to gauge the student’s expectations of customer service. Why do they feel that their needs are not being meet? The participatory action could be a meeting among other department heads to see how their departments contribute, if any, to the dissatisfaction of customer service in our department or the university. How can we all work together to improve and meet the student expectations? Could we change some of our practices or are we being blamed for the procrastinators of the campus?


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Action research is defined as research that focuses on obtaining information that will change conditions in a particular setting or situation (Erford, p. 154). There are two different types of action research: practical and participatory. Action research focuses on the application aspect of conducting a study in the classroom, school, or community where as participatory is similar but involved additional focuses on involving individuals and groups from diverse backgrounds to empower and bring about social change.

A typical action research plan includes:

1–Introduction: Identifying and Clarifying the ACtion Research Question

2–Gathering Data

3–Analyzing and Interpreting Data

4–Creating an Action Plan

5–Evaluating and Reflecting

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