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The process of analyzing health policy involves explaining the primary relationship between different institutions, interest areas and concepts (Walt et al., 1994). It is essential in order to establish historical policies, their successes or failure and help in planning for the design and development of current and future policies. The ever dynamic nature of the policy environment makes policy analysis to look more complicated.


The design, development and adoption or implementation of any health policy is heavily dependent on the financial position of any governing institution (Walt et al., 1999). A health policy entails the management of disease or infection outbreaks and disease causing factors or conditions. In managing disease outbreaks, a ruling organization has to establish sufficient structures where patients will be taken care of or treated, ensure the availability of sufficient health experts and treatment instruments, create public awareness about the disease, including its symptom causal factors and put in place mechanisms that will help manage the spread of the disease or infection. In the management of disease causal factors, it is necessary to finance campaigns to foster effective environmental management mechanisms (Merriam et al., 2001). It is also necessary to specify the minimum conditions under which human activities will be carried out in order to enhance safety and health.


Congresswoman Moody has to understand that the state she represents lies on an international border which experiences multiple socioeconomic interactions. This is particularly dangerous considering that the area is highly populated. The fact that the area has many undocumented workers also means that they are highly vulnerable to experiencing inadequate access to health services. The conditions under which these individuals work does not make it any better. They are highly prone to contracting occupational health problems which are usually the most complicated kind of infections to deal with. Moody does not have the capacity to stop the activities that take place in her state since it will spark global controversy and even affect the economic outlook of her state. In addition, her limited Medicaid budget and rate of unemployment is depressing issues.


The first option Moody should consider is to look at the possibility of borrowing funds from one of the internal management departments to help ease the predicament that exists in the medical department. It is necessary to accept the existing condition and try to reason on how it could be solved rather than concentrating on past challenges that remain unsolved. Solving this first challenge will provide room for the developments that will lead to solving the rest of the problems.


The second option would be to welcome or introduce investors into the health sector within the state. They could help residents in the state by either offering affordable care services or through provision of an insurance policy.   They could still help with shipping patients to nearby health centers at subsidized costs or through provision of employment opportunities which will entitle the residents to some form of income that would enhance their upkeep.


The third option would be to make health insurance policy compulsory for all the residents in the state. This action will encourage more individuals to invest in the state, particularly in the insurance sector. The revenue accrued from this action would then be utilized in financing health management activities in the state.


Finally, public-private partnership should be encouraged, especially in the health fraternity within the state. Most workplaces that are found to contain difficult working conditions are forced to adopt and comply with health and safety legislations. Industries or business institutions within the state that have the ability to construct health care facilities and employ health workers should be encouraged to do it.


Evaluation of the mentioned options would involve creating a checklist or matrix that would rank each option using viability scores. The most viable alternative should be considered and implemented. Summative evaluation of options should also be carried out after implementing any of the options to find out if the overall goal would have been achieved.


Acquisition of funds by borrowing from sister departments would be good as it will only occur within the administration and does not raise public concern. However, this can interfere with the activities of the sister department from which the money is acquired. Investors can easily help to bring stability within the healthcare sector in the state. They will build hospitals, furnish them with necessary equipment and employ several experts to work in the hospitals. The only problem is that, the competition may creep in and lead to increase in treatment charges. Making health insurance policy compulsory will entitle all residents to fair and affordable healthcare services. The main undoing would be the influx of fraudsters. Public-private partnership results into sustainable solutions, however it involves lengthy procedures which may take more time to solve the problem.












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