Student will create and submit a PowerPoint presention on a Hospital-baseb Electronic Health Record (EHR) process and present it as if he/she is working internally in a Healthcare institution and using the material train staff. The hospital is in the process of implementing a new system and the staff does not know how the sytem works or what is involved. The presentation should include appropriate graphs, and other visual animation aids for the audience.

Submit your PowerPoint Presentation and any supporting documentation






Project 2 – Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Format:                PowerPoint (PP) presentation document.  Document is to be submitted to the professor.

The PP presentation theme should focus on the idea that you, the presenter, are conducting an Electronic Health Record training session for the staff of a Hospital facility.  The Hospital is in the process of converting to the EHR and the staff does not know how the EHR system works or what is involved.

Length                  Presentation should be10-20 slides.

Materials            Sample information related to EHRs is posted on BB for your review and to get an idea how to prepare your paper presentation.  

                                 A Rubric for this presentation is posted on BB.

                                Use the Internet to search for more information and feel free to use graphs, pictures or images

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