Nursing assignment: Handwashing

Only one page for this assignment:

Questions to be addressed in my paper:

1. Critique the alignment of the lab-based lesson to your colleague’s selected video.  

2. Validate or provide an alternative perspective on whether this video would help prepare learners for the clinical lab and why.



This is my colleague’s post:


Clinical Lab and Instructional Videos

Handwashing Video

According to the CDC (2002), each year nearly 2 million patients in the United States get an infection in hospitals, and about 90,000 of these patients die as a result of their infection. Hand washing reduces the incidence of healthcare associated infections because clean hands are the single most important factor in preventing the spread of pathogens and antibiotic resistance in healthcare settings (CDC, 2002).  Although handwashing seems like a simple concept, hand hygiene continues to be among the top reasons that health care facilities are cited during federal and state regulatory compliance surveys.

I chose a video that reviews and demonstrates the proper techniques used in effective handwashing.  The video includes an introduction to the patient, turning on the water, lathering, washing all the essential areas of the hands, between fingers, nails, and wrists, time of washing, rinsing, drying of hands, and turning off the faucet (Mayer, 2012).

By the end of the lesson, the learner will:

1. Describe when handwashing should be performed.

2. Demonstrate their ability to correctly perform handwashing using learned techniques.

The intended audience is practicing nurses, nursing students in an undergraduate nursing program, physicians, and patients.

Clinical skills laboratories (CSL) can optimize students’ learning for development of professional knowledge and skills, necessary for quality nursing practice and for patient safety. Another words, it allows the learner to integrate theory and practice in order to develop professional and personal competence (EwertssonAllvin, Holmström, & Blomberg, 2015). They say a picture is worth a thousand words. When we hear words, we conjure a mental picture that relates to what is being said. However, the images that I project in my mind may be different than the one that another person might project even though we both heard the same words. My plan would be to have the learners view the video prior to the clinical lab. By showing the video of the proper steps to follow when performing handwashing prior to going into the clinical lab, everyone gets the same mental picture. The learner can then start to process how they will incorporate those same steps into their practice so they can competently demonstrate the skill after practicing in the lab.    


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Mayer, R. (2012). CNA Essential Skills – hand hygiene – washing hands properly [Video file]. from


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