Nursing Assignment: Create a Screencast Script for Pulmonary Edema

Assignment: Creating a Screencast

Many people today have become intrinsic consumers of knowledge and search the Internet daily for both personal and professional reasons. Nurse educators can build on these natural, information-seeking tendencies by using Screencasts (also known as webcasts). Screencasts, a popular tool in both education and industry, allow presenters to record the output of their computer screen. Similar to asking a colleague to sit at your side while you describe the features of new software to him or her, a Screencast allows you to record and share your screen. This asynchronous capability is especially beneficial to nurse educators who teach students in online and hybrid environments.

For this Assignment, you create a Screencast. Over the next 3 weeks, you will engage in the following phases:

·         Design: During this phase you create a script for your Screencast.

·         Record: During this phase, you will use your script to create a 3- to 5-minute Screencast. Your Screencast must include both audio and video.

·         Share: You will be submitting your script and your Screencast to your instructor for graded feedback.

To prepare (Design Phase)

·         Review this week’s media presentation, Screencast Demonstration. Reflect on the content presented by Dr. Tim Bristol. In addition, consider how the computer output and audio narration might have increased student understanding and engagement.

·         Reflect on the learning needs of an audience that you might teach in the future. Of these needs, which concept, skill, or process might you effectively teach by recording your computer screen? Furthermore, which websites or computer programs might you utilize during your instruction?

·         Review the Screencast Script: An Example document. View Dr. Bristol’s Screencast a second time, comparing the script to his onscreen navigation and dialogue.

·         Select your audience of learners and learning need. The learning need that you select for your Screencast must be different than one chosen for a previous Discussion or Assignment. You may, however, select the same audience of learners.

·         Refer to the Assignment Planner document for specific details and requirements for completing this Assignment.

·         Begin to design your script for the Screencast using the Screencast Template document.

Components to complete for this Assignment*

·         Final version of Screencast Script


·         3- to 5-minute Screencast


Reminders: This is not an essay….

My topic for the screencast script is Pulmonary Edema… I want the Signs and Symptoms, treatment and nursing intervention of patient with Pulmonary edema.

ReFollow the uploaded Screencast Script example and template below.

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