Homework #1. Industrial engineering class

Homework #1

IE 151 Spring 2015

Instructions: For each problem, create a new spreadsheet/worksheet (unless stated differently) in one Excel File.  When finished, submit the file on Canvas.

1)      Enter the following values in the appropriate reference cells


Reference Cell












2)      Using the same spreadsheet as problem one, conduct the following calculations into the appropriate cell.


Reference Cell












3)      We are working for a company that makes automobiles.  The names of each of their models are named after the planets in the solar system.  The models that are made with their statistics, which consist of MPG, engine size (in Liters), fuel tank size (in Gallons), and horsepower, are presented below:

·         Jupiter –25 MPG, 2.7L, 21.1 Gal., 159 hp

·         Earth – 25 MPG, 3.5L, 23 Gal., 282 hp

·         Saturn – 25 MPG, 3.6L, 22 Gal., 305 hp

·         Mercury – 27 MPG, 2.5L, 21 Gal., 200 hp

·         Venus – 29 MPG, 2.2L, 18 Gal., 185 hp

·         Mars – 19 MPG, 4.2L, 28 Gal., 350 hp

The EPA wants to use a new system for rating the environmental impact from a vehicle.  The new rating is calculated with the information given, and is the impact is calculated with 25% from the MPG, 25% from the engine size, 30% from the horsepower, and 20% from the fuel tank size.

Create a table, with the car models in alphabetical order and determine their new EPA ratings.  Also find the average value, minimum value, and maximum value for each of the vehicle statistics, including the new EPA rating.

4)      Using the following information, create a Pareto Chart.  We are working at a facility that produces candy.  When the candy is made, there are possible defects that can occur.  The defects that have been found include:

·         50 from the candy not having color added

·         75 from the candy having the wrong weight (in the package)

·         20 from flavoring not added to the candy

·         25 from the candy not forming correctly

·         30 are due to the candy not having the right consistency

·         25 from the candy being made with the wrong recipe

·         25 other reasons

After creating the Pareto Chart, by using the Pareto Principle, what are the defects that are causing most of the problems? You can type your answer under the chart in the Excel File.

5)      We are working for a company that wants to establish charts to monitor their process.  The following table is their observations:

Calculate the UCL, CL, and LCL for an chart and R chart.


Also provide the graphs associated with an chart and R chart.

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