create a Resume

You will need Microsoft Word and an Internet connection for this assignment.

Image Directions

A résumé that summarizes educational and professional accomplishments is necessary when you apply for a job. This assignment uses the registered nurse résumé, but you may select another if you desire.

1. Obtain a want ad from the paper (preferably in the health field).

2. Compose a résumé using a Word résumé template.

a. Click File tab and then New.

b. Under Templates and (you will need to have an authorized MS Word application on your computer to do this and an Internet connection):

  i. Click Resumes and CVs.

 ii. Click Job-Specific resumes and select the Registered nurse resume or another of your liking.

iii. Click the Download button.

iv. Complete the template by replacing the text placeholders with your own information. Delete any extra placeholders. Remember that this template uses tables to hold the data, so you will need to work with tables to add or delete rows. Make sure the résumé includes the following information:

images Information about the person: name, address (city, state, ZIP code), phone number, and email address

images Summary of your professional skills

images Listing of your professional credentials, such as registration and certifications

images Education (school, degree, date, major)

images Professional experience as a health professional/nurse (begin with your most recent position and include the year, name of position, and type of unit)

images Affiliations, such as professional associations, and any offices held

images Community service activities

c. Use uppercase and lowercase.

d. Spell check your document.

e. Save the résumé as Chap5-Assign1-LastName.

3. Compose and revise a cover letter applying for the position.

a. Open the résume file Chap5-Assign1-LastName; if necessary, go to the end of the file, and create a page break. Type the cover letter. Save the file.

b. Run the cover letter through the spelling and grammar checker including a word count and reading level. Make spelling and grammar corrections. Use the snipping tool to capture the readability statistics dialog box results (Start, All Programs, Accessories, Snipping Tool, New down arrow Image, and select Window Snip). Copy the image in the snipping window to the end of the résumé file.

c. Insert a copy of the original cover letter page after the readability statistics page. Make appropriate revisions in the cover letter using the results of the spelling and grammar check.

4. Save the file as Chap5-Assign1-LastName. Submit the advertisement, a letter of application (original and revised), and the résumé as directed by the professor.

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