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By Day 5 Respond to at least one of your colleagues’ posts and explain how culture could influence the demands and expectations of settings within a system your colleague described.

colleagues post

I actually learned about the ecological model when I was in undergrad during an Adolescent Development class I took on a study abroad in Costa Rica. We had to write down examples of each system specifically relating to our personal life, and then volunteer to share our examples and why we put them there. It was a neat discussion.

What I like about the model provided for us in this week’s resources is that you can clearly see that the circles closest to the “self” are the ones the most influence. Because each systems causes the self to be less attached or focused on the other systems, they’re not balanced and become “rivals for dominance”, which makes sense, as this is true with systems in general (Caws, 516).

The most dominant systems include the microsystem and the exosystem. When I think of the dominance of the microsystem in my life and who that includes, I consider my family (parents, siblings, husband) and my peers (coworkers) and the heavy influence over them in my life, as well as the time I devote to them. The dominance that my microsystem plays on my life is noticeable, and does keep me from being as dominated by the other systems, like my exosystem.

For example, the expectation regarding my husband may include being home in the evening to cook him dinner, taking the time to grocery shop for him, going on dates or bringing him along to social gatherings, etc. could keep me from focusing on things that I include in my exosystem, such as focusing my time on schoolwork, visiting my neighbors as often, taking trips to visit long-distance friends, etc. This strain on the exosystem and other systems causes those systems to have less influence over my life, habits, decisions, etc.

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