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 Lauren Ferber RE: Discussion 1 – Week 11COLLAPSE

The group that I selected were transgender adolescents, which is what I wrote my paper on for this class. Prior to this class I can say that I thought transgender adolescents were children that had undergone a trauma of some kind and were transgender because of a number of other factors. After doing research, I have completely changed my perspective into thinking that transgenderism is more of a mistake of nature so to speak, meaning that it’s biological and something that happens in other species (Eisenberg et al., n.d). This was such important work for me to do because it became clear that this was tested information that people should already be aware of, though it’s not mainstream and easy to access. It makes me think that moving forward it is important to seek out information for myself and use my Walden pass to gain information via articles in order to read them for myself and come up with my own opinions about things in order to be able to speak to them. 


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