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 Mayra Sanchez RE: Discussion 1 – Week 11COLLAPSE

A population that I have been very interested in recently is the transgender population. I believe that this population received a lot of attention and awareness when Bruce Jenner transitioned into Caitlyn Jenner. I remember how much of a shock this was to many individuals, and also how much in the spotlight this all occurred. It was very eye opening and interesting to see a male that famous and well-known, have the courage to publicly transition into a woman; something that he had been battling and struggling with for so long. Lehmiller (2013) relates that transgenders are those individuals who do not conform to society’s rules of genders and whose biology does not match their own gender identity. Lehmiller (2013) also relates that there are different variations of being transgender and that can include cross-dressing and transsexualism. From conducting research, I was not aware that “transgender” was deemed a disorder, but it does make sense because individuals tend to coin things that they do not themselves understand as disorders. I find the transgender population to be very interesting in terms of how they identify themselves and when the transition begins, and the surgeries that they undergo. My views changed in understanding how incredibly courageous this population is in having to go against what society has deemed as a norm. I would like to further my understanding by conducting more research and watching documentaries. I would also like to be more sensitive to this population by not assuming gender and not using the terms “he” and “she” as often. I would also like to encourage friends and family of mine to join the same practices in being more socially and gender sensitive.


Lehmiller, J. J. (2013). Psychology of human sexuality. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. Chapter 5, “Gender and Gender Identity” (pp. 115–143)

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