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Respond by Day 5 to at least one of your colleagues who chose a different topic related to consultancy contracts in one or more of the following ways: Expand on your colleague’s posting.

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The OD contract important in regards to general organizational development as it helps frame the expectations, emotional responses to procedural changes, and relationships within an organization. Two critical aspects of the OD contract is its design and its focus (situational or dispositional). The design of a contract influences the expectations, relationship, behavior, and emotions people experience while participating in the organization. The level and kind (i.e. positive or negative) reactions to change, as well as expectations for roles and the larger organization strongly depend on the person, team, or organization’s perspective. This is our second element, focus, which outlines how an individual naturally tend towards one of two styles (promotional or preventative), though accepts the influence a situation can bring. The promotional style is a more creative and optimistic perspective, whereas the preventative perspective is more conservative and strategic. Similar to design, the contract, person, team and organization’s relationships, psychological reaction, and behaviors (Weber and Mayer, 2011). Both an OD contract’s design and focus have the ability to create positive or negative outcomes for an organization, as well as the individuals working within it. 

The client-consultant relationship benefits from a clear understanding of their partner’s expectations, role, organizational contract design, and perspective as it provides transparency and the opportunity for a strong and sustainable relationship (Brown, 2011). Without an OD contract that clearly outlines its design, there is the risk of miscommunication and contention between partners, as was demonstrated in Davis’ Fresno case (2013). Without a clear understanding of the focus, and whether it aligns with a promotional or preventative perspective, there is the risk of misalignment between partners’ responses to variables and expectations (Weber and Mayer, 2011). The relationship between client and consultant depends on transparency, honesty, and trust. Without having a clear view of how the relationship is framed, neither partner will know what to expect. Without having a transparent understanding of how they will respond to situations, partners will have difficulty working together to accomplish goals. Finally, without having a clear point of view of how the partners may emotionally respond to working with one another through the change process, there will be difficulty addressing the true focus of change and continuing a sustainable relationship.  


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