Music Analysis Exercise.


Music Analysis Exercise.

Listen to the music posted on the attached files. For each category find and describe the following: 1) a common practice in the songs 2) Your sense of the range of diversity of music, lyrics, etc in that category.

Music analysis example

Music pre-1960: During this time there were multiple instruments being used per song as well as similar types of patterns in how the song was sung. The song sounds raw with instrumental errors. 

Music – 1960: The music sounds more edited and messed around with, it sounds less pure compared with to the pre-60’s music. It still has real instruments playing in the song but they have less instruments playing, usually a guitar and or piano. The background singers were more pronounced in the song. 

Music – 1970: In the music of this decade changed from, the music in the 60’s. The quality of the music is better but the originality of it is not there as much. It sounds good, the instruments are still something that is dissipating, more of the computer sound is being heard in the song. 

Music – 1980: The music sounds more futuristic, more of the electric guitar and our of this world sounds. Another instrument used is the drums which add different sounds and variation on beats and of course a lyrical rhythm. 

Music – 1990’s- 2000: In this case of music, the lyric part of its is more repeated and most of the song is the same words. Compared to the music of the 60’s up to 70’s the lyrics were not repeated as much and they had more of a story to tell. This decades music is still telling a story but with lyrics that repeat making them more catchy and easy to remember. The music starts to be more upbeat and fast moving.

Music – 2000 – Today: This music has different sounds and beats that make up the song, with fewer lyrics, the lyrics it does have repeat throughout the song. It also uses a lot of computer made sounds and instrument sounds made on a computer . It is more modern making fit for the newer generation. This music continues to be more upbeat,fast making the songs more of a party song.

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