Collaborative Leadership

For this discussion, assume you have been assigned to form a committee to develop a policy for patient falls on the medical-surgical unit where you work. As the team leader in charge of this project, you should:

  • Identify the other health care members that you will select to be part of the committee.
  • Provide a rationale for your choice of at least two of the members you invited to the committee.
  • Describe two concepts and skills you will consider as part of your team leader role.
    • What types of strategies will you include to facilitate cost-effective changes related to patient falls?
    • Specifically, how will accountability for care delivery and nursing delegation be impacted by this policy?
  • Provide a well-supported rationale as part of your explanation.

Your initial posting should be at least 150 words, and you must make reference to the work of another writer (either as a quotation, paraphrase, or summary) to provide support for your ideas. The source can be the course text, another relevant book, any assigned readings, or an article you find on your own.


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