When it comes to constructing projects for presentation, organization is a great strength of mine. I have somewhat of a phographic memory, and am a visionary planner. Therefore, I can envision what I want my project to look like, including all of the information I want to be included in the project. This comes in handy for making sure the project has everything it is suppose to have. I am very organized in my thoughts and produce the end product in a very systemmatic manner, with a well thought out agenda. My weakness however, is stage fright. I become very intimidated when speaking in front of an audience, especially people I do not know. In order to improve on presentations, I have found that it is very important to connect with stakeholders in a collaborative way. It then becomes easier to speak in front of them because I have already gotten to know my audience. For example, it is important to meet with the stakeholders privately either in their office or on the phone. This way each stakeholder can be filled in informally first so that when the formal meeting takes place, the background is done and I am familiar with them. It is important to work on public speaking skills because the stakeholders must be engaged. The entire team must be lead through the process of the change practice that is being presented for it to be successful (Gallagher-Ford L. etal 2011)ReferenceGallagher-Ford L., Fireout-Overholt E., Melnyk B., Stillwell S. (2011) Evidence-Based Practice, Step By Step: Implementing an Evidence-Based Practice Change; ASN American Journal of Nursing Mar 2011; 111(3): 54-60 https://lpes.idm.oclc.org/loginurl=http://gateway.ovid.com.lopes.idm.oclc.org/ovidweb.cgi?T=JS&CSC=Y&NEWS=N&PAGE=fulltext&AN=00000446201103000-00031&LSLINK=80&D=ovft

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