Law Enforcement Stedman


1. Compare and contrast Strategic and Tactical Analysis and its application to street crimes such as robbery and property crimes such as burglary.  In your opinion is one more suited in addressing criminal behavior?

Strategic analysis involves the analysis over the long-term, whereas tactical analysis involves analysis in a more direct manner. Each has analysis scheme has their uses in addressing criminal behavior. To use an example with drug activity strategic analysis would be better suited to understanding who could be the future customers of drug dealers, where are possible locations that could facilitate such deals, and helping law-enforcement and community leaders come up with measures to combat drug sales. However, the tactical analysis would focus more on finding out where the current supply of drugs is coming in from, who the leader(s) is(are), and cracking down on local dealers. While there is overlap between the two, I believe that tactical analysis is the best when addressing criminal behavior, because of the more immediate results that it provides.

2.  What is CPTED?  Please elaborate on how CPTED may be an effective means to reduce a criminals Modus operandi?  Provide an example.  

CPTED is an acronym that stands for crime prevention through environmental design which is “The proper design and effective use of the built environment can lead to a reduction in the fear and incidence of crime, and an improvement in the quality of life” (Cozens, Saville, & Hillier, 2005). This means that CPTED is all of the passive defenses that the environment provides law-abiding citizens against criminally minded individuals. These defenses can be broken down into six different aspects that work together to create CPTED they are: territoriality, surveillance, access control, target hardening, image/maintenance, and active support (Cozens, Saville, & Hillier, 2005). All of these aspects work together to decrease crime in the area.

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