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our required reading expresses a variety of reasons as to why it is important to have management and leadership develop programs during the process, Cummimgs said, “OD  practitioners involved in organization design and employee involvement interventions have realized the need to bring human resources practices more in line with the new designs and processes.” (Cummings P.440). The streamlining of current practices and relevant processes are invaluable to the growth of any organization. When management and leadership have the opportunity to research other organizations, sit a table and brainstorm together, and finally roll out a comprehensive plan. Not only will it (in most cases)  be received well. But it will also show the camaraderie throughout various stages of management. This concerted effort will push any organization to unmitigated growth.


My personal experiences with managers and leadership programs I will rate at 50 on a scale of 100. Specifically, There were initiatives that we sought to implement as it related to the growth of the practice. From scheduling, to check in process, up to and including authorizations etc. We met weekly for approximately 6 weeks, there were brainstorming, passionate discussions, etc.  As time progressed there was no follow up, no implementation and the countless meeting hours were seemingly in vain.  I was taken aback because it seemed as if there would be progress, but it fell through. I was more disturbed because it then seemed like the voice of the employees were taken for granted.

These sessions were of no effect at all, because nothing ever came from them. Essentially, it was a waste of time, and I feel that it was a ploy to make the employees feel involved, meanwhile those in management knew that our voices, suggestions, and ideals would never be implemented.

In Conclusion, To improve effectiveness, I would have initiated processes on a meeting by meeting basis. By this, I would not have scheduled any new agenda items until was was being discussed, was properly implemented. We would have taken time on the roll out, to ensure no issues. Then once first initiative was successful, I would move on to the next, keeping everything in order. 

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