Homework #3

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Critical Race Theory

What is race? What is racism? What connections can we make back to our discussion of feminism? Is there again a biological component and an aspect of social construction when considering race? Is the alleged biological aspect a mere fallacy? What other grassroots movements can be associated with race and gender as part of the ongoing civil rights movement? How has activism changed over the course of the history of these movements? How have you personally been part of the solution rather than part of the problem in the quest for social change and the betterment of society for all? How can we connect philosophy in general to a discussion of race, class, and/or gender?


We are going to connect one of the readings for this week back to another reading from our syllabus from before this week. You may use any philosopher thus far from any week (either before or after the midterm) to make this connection to one of this week’s articles concerning race. Please refer back to your guidelines for in-text citations as quite a few are still not being properly formatted or punctuated. For full credit proper formatting and punctuation will be required. A bibliographic entry will not be required for this discussion.

Required: You must include the following 

  1. You will provide a quote from a reading from before Module 8 from our syllabus (with proper in-text citation).
  2. You will provide a quote from one of this week’s readings pertaining to race (with proper in-text citation).
  3. You will provide a brief explanation as to how you might use both of these quotes together in a paper. Consider: your papers should be making an argument. You should be making a case, proving a point, making/defending a claim. What argument then, would use your provided quotes as support? Briefly state your case.
  4. You will, as per usual, also comment on the original post of a classmate. Please keep in mind that vapid positivity and empty flattery does not push the conversation forward. We can and ought be both polite and critical. 

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