Discussion Board 5

This week of class we explore intellectual property in Chapter 9 and international trade in Chapter 10. I have posted a video relating to the legal issues raised with flash mobs. Watch the video and respond to the following:  

1.  Intellectual property can be one of the most valuable assets of a business.  What protection is available to a business under US law for various types of intellectual property?  What protection is provided for intellectual property under the World Trade Organization agreements explained in Chapter 10 of the textbook?

2.  If you currently work for a business, what type of intellectual property is owned by that business. If you don’t currently work, please include information for a business you are familiar with from a family member, friend or where you have worked in the past. 

3.  The attorney on the video raises various legal issues with a flash mob.  Considering Chapters 9 of the textbook, set forth two intellectual property issues that arise with a flash mob.  Make sure to incorporate the legal concepts from the textbook in your response and fully explain how these issues relate to flash mobs.


Each student must post an answer to my question which would be your initial response (200-500 words in length) and contain two references to the textbook readings. Your initial response (which is the answer to my question) should be completed by Saturday, March 16th at midnight. In addition to this, you must post four additional substantive posts in response to your classmates messages. All posts on Discussion Board 5 must be made by midnight on March 26th.  For full participation board credit, you must post at least five posts (your initial response to my question and four responsive substantive posts to your classmates messages).  Make sure to carefully review what counts as a substantive post as set forth in the course syllabus.

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