read the novel Murakami Norwegian Wood and answer

We are spending 3 weeks on this novel, and we will carry these same questions throughout those three weeks. Each week I will shift around the question you are to focus on though, to provide a more versatile interpretive experience. 

–In exploring your assigned question, i would like for you to focus in on the reading section for that week (this week up to page 199) with this particular frame of reference to consider in mind. Then develop a 200-300 word post around this theme.

–Note I have placed the lecture notes for murakami in the file under course docs, but it contains spoilers, so you can wait to read the lecture notes until you are well into the book if you wish.

–The initial 200-300 word post, carefully thought out, due Tuesday, midnight, is worth 75% of the week’s db grade. Please only focus your post around the material up to page 199.

–The subsequent response period, due thursday, midnight, is worth the additional 25% of the week’s db grade. In these responses work to advance discussion in substantive ways.

–please remember in bringing in any quoted or referenced passages to indicate page numbers so as to facilitate the response experience. 

–Keep quotes to a minimum, since the important thing is to be developing your response, your ideas, with reference to the reading. 

–Please remember to proofread your writing so that the reading experience goes more smoothly for all of us. 

The events Norwegian Wood relates take place in the late sixties, a period of widespread political unrest paralleling the protests of various of the nations of Europe as well as here in the United States. You might have noticed the conspicuous opposition or duality of political left and right in the novel. Explore that opposition with examples from the novel. Briefly summarize those examples in a sentence or two in a way that reflects close reading of the book. Then explain why or how that contrast is significant for the book overall. 

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